Mari kita semua imbas kembali evolusi Microsoft Windows Bermulanya dari tahun 1982 hingga 2009:

1. 1982 

Microsoft released MS-DOS 1.0 (Disk Operting System), a 16-bit operating system with a command line interface

2. 1985

Microsoft introduce the first version of Windows, Windows 1.0, which was also the first OS from Microsoft to feature a graphical user interface (GUI)

3. 1987

Released in 1987, Windows 2.0 was the first Windows OS to allow application windows to overlap one another

4. 1990

Windows 3.0 launched with a revamped GUI, advanced graphics with 16 colors (previous version only supported eight) and improve memory management.

5. 1993

Microsoft's first 32-bit OS, Windows NT 3.1 (New Technology) was launched in 1993. Although numbered 3.1, it was the first in the NT family of operating system, which were designed to be powerful and flexible operating system for business users.

6. 1995 

in 1995, windows 95 came with with a new GUI, saw the introduction of Plug and Play Technology, ran 32-bit applications natively and marked the first appearance of Window Explorer.

7. 1996

Windows N 4.0 had the same GUI as Windows 95 and introduced the now familiar Windows Task MAnager. It was the last of the Windows NT family that carried the NT designation.

8. 1998

Windows 98 launched in 1998 abd was followed by an update in 1999 called Windows 09 Second Edition(SE).

9. 2000

February 17th-A continuation of the NT family, Windows 2000 Professional introduced many of the new features of Windows 98 into the NT line. It was released in four different editions.

10. 2000

Septh 14th- Micorsoft released Windows Millennium Edition (ME) in the same year, a consumer orientated OS with an updated GUI that resembled elements of Windows 2000, with the new System Restore feature. It was the last Windows OS to be based on the Windows 95 code base.

11. 2001

Window XP (Short for Experience) was released as the successor to both Windows 2000 and Windows ME, merging the two OS families around the Windows 2000 code base. It Featured a significantly redesigned GUI and was the first version of Windows to use product activation.

12. 2007

Windows Vista was released in 2007, six years after Windows XP- the longest time span ever between successive releases of Windows. Vista was scheduled to ship in 2003, but after years of work and delay, Microsoft group VP Jim Allchin rebooted the project in 2004. The original OS, based on Window XP code, was crapped, key features were cut and the base codewas rewritten, building on top of Windows Server 2003. Vista included a new GI named Window Aero, a changed Window Explorer, introduced Desktop Gadgets and the infamous User Account control.

13. 2009

anuary 19th- Microsoft released Windows 7 Beta for public download on its website, which could be installed and used until August 1st 2009. Originally limited to 2.5 million downloads; the download popularity caused Micorsoft to extend unlimited downloads until February 10th.

May 5th - Windows 7 release Candidate was released for public download, which could be installed and used until March 1st, 2010 when it will shut down every two hours, eventually expiring on June 1st, 2010.

July 13th- Windows 7 released to Manufacturing (RTM) build finalized. RTM, also known as a Gold Master, indicates that an application has met quality standards and is ready for mass distribution to manufacturers.

October 22nd- The launch date for Windows 7's public release